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Shenzhen YoyoPCBA Technology Co. Ltd, established in 2021, a supplier of PCB, PCB Assembly, SMT, DIP electronic components etc. the most qualified and innovative PCBA supplier

Company Experience

More than 10 years of PCB, PCB Assembly, SMT, electronic components source, enclousre,

experience working on overseas projects

Fast & Easy

Prototyping your PCB assemblies has never been easier with our technology platform Connect sourcing and production for faster iterations, testing, and design refinement

Online & Tech Support

Find the board components you need, fast. With YOYOPCBA’s seamless interface you can search, compare, and quote all within one platform, accelerating your design process

One-Stop Service

Our advantage is PCB making,PCB assembly,include testing & install plastic enclosure, especially component sourcing

Quality Certification

Provide you the PCB quality in IPC Class III, have UL, RoHS certification; for the PCBA board, have the certification of ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO13485, TS16949, RoHS, and we can also accept SGS inspection before shipping if you need


Get your complete electronics product built rapidly, focus on connects all aspects of box build assembly, making sourcing, production, and management easier



    • Through-hole, SMD, Hybrid, Modules

    • Full Product Box Build Assemblies

    • Conformal Coating

    • Cable and Minimal Component Size 01005

    • IPC-A-610 Class 2 and 3

    • File Conversion and Management

Testing and Validation


    • Component Programming and Flashing

    • FCT/ICT testing

    • Programming

    • 3D AOI &X-RAY

    • Factory Audit

“The YOYOPCBA platform saves you thousands of hours of working time and gives us a chance to win”.